Hand Clasp Behind Back Pose

The Hand Clasp Behind Back Pose is a yoga asana that promotes shoulder and chest opening. To perform this pose, begin by standing tall. As you exhale, bring your hands behind your back and clasp them together, fingers interlaced. If your shoulders are tight, you can use a strap or a cloth between your hands to bridge the gap. While clasping your hands, gently lift your arms, expanding your chest and shoulders. This pose provides a deep stretch to the front of the shoulders and chest, enhancing flexibility and posture. Breathe deeply as you hold the pose, feeling the expansion and release in the upper body. Hand Clasp Behind Back Pose offers an opportunity to counteract the effects of rounded shoulders and forward-leaning posture often associated with modern lifestyles. Remember to practice mindfully and adjust the clasp if necessary to accommodate your flexibility.

Reviews for Hand Clasp Behind Back Pose

1 Review
  • Kevin Martin
    29 August 2021
    Contains Spoiler
    It was absolutly awesome
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