· Why Yoga

I have been in the wellness industry for almost 20 years.

What started out as a way to get my body back after giving birth to 3 sons grew into a full-blown lifestyle and career.

At first, I thought of being healthy as having 6-pack abs, sculpted arms, and a toned booty.

After experiencing a number of injuries, stress, and even chronic allergies, I learned that being healthy is the total package.

You have to take care of yourself, mind, body, and soul. 

After advice from a doctor about whether to get surgery on my knee or not.

I gradually shifted into the yogic lifestyle.

Not only did I change the way I worked out, I changed the way that I ate; finally becoming vegan in 2017. 


· Trauma Informed yoga Initative

In 2018, thanks to the “here to be” grant from Lululemon, and community support, I founded the Be More Yoga Community.

We are a grassroots initiative that uses yoga and wellness events to heal the effects that chronic stress and trauma have on the mind and body.

We are making yoga accessible to people, particularly in the Baltimore African-American Community.

Our classes welcome people from all backgrounds, body types, ages, and genders, no matter their sexual orientation or financial status. 

Wellness is my passion. I'm here to help you to lead a vibrant life that is full of meaningful community connections, fun experiences, and movement therapy!

· Class/Event Photo Gallery

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